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Restore 84 - Update #3

It's been a while but, we finally have another update!

#84 has been sitting outside for the last month or so, giving us much more room and light to work on a few remaining items while we wait for the arrival of new batteries.

We've done a significant amount of cleaning in the engine compartment and cab areas, more testing on the electrical system, and checking for any plumbing issues in the water and oil systems. The water tank has been refilled now that summer temperatures will keep the water from freezing overnight, and we've capped the locomotive to prevent excessive rainwater from entering the engine compartment and exhaust manifold.

We've been fortunate to have the support of locals who have mechanical experience with diesel locomotives, which has helped us tremendously in taking stock of the remaining required items needed and in creating a plan for the up-coming months.

The goal remains to have the locomotive moved off the property and hopefully onto temporary revenue assignment by the fall. As stated previously, this lease assignment will help pay for the enormous moving costs associated with the relocation of the engine to a fitting retirement home at a museum.

Speaking of preserving the locomotive's history; the abundant light we have with the locomotive being outside has revealed its original number, 9139, faintly showing on the cab wall underneath who-knows how many coats of paint. The two sets of "84" can presumably be from the Burlington Northern and the DRI&NW. We thought that was a neat tidbit to share.

As always, thank you for following along with us on this journey, and your support in the restoration of this classic locomotive! We look forward to the big, exciting updates coming up soon!

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