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Restore 84 - Update #2

Update two is here already! Over the last week, we were fortunate enough to have most of the St Johns River team on-site to help with all things related to #84. Taking advantage of this, we pulled #84 from its shelter for the first time in a decade, which allowed us to complete a full inspection of the locomotive, and even try to start #84 for the first time.

The sunlight really shows the layers of dust that coat #84. Luckily it's all on the surface.

While #84 was outside, we were able to fill her up with brand new engine oil, and after pre-lubing the block, we brought a welder in to see if we could jump-start the engine. Unfortunately the ancient batteries robbed us of just enough juice, and while the generator spun, it was not fast enough to get the locomotive to fire up.

The good news was the oil pump, water pump, and all lights worked, and we were able to locate a handful of small fuses that need replacement later on. The bad news to go with that, was a quickly approaching cold front forced us to drain the locomotive's water that night, as it would spend the next two days outside, effectively killing our chances of starting #84 the following day as originally planned.

While not the exciting development we had hoped for at the end of our week, we could not be more happy with everything we accomplished. Four new fuel filters were installed, all of the air and oil filters were ordered, and fifty-five gallons of fresh oil were pumped into the locomotive, along with numerous other small check marks on our to-do list.

Perhaps most exciting; #84 saw the blue skies above for the first time since 2012, and it's headlights and beacon were illuminated in the night for the first time since who knows when (the Billings Grain Terminal was a daylight operation).

As we continue this effort, we have to continually thank all of you who have supported the project with t-shirt purchases, other donations, or simply spreading the word. Thank you!

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