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Restore 84 - Update 1

To begin our section to bring you updates from the Restore 84 team, we have to thank those who have shown interest in our efforts and have contributed to the project. The initial response to both the news and our fundraising efforts has been incredible, and we truly cannot thank you enough. The Restore 84 team has their work cut out for them, but your support will surely keep their motivation and spirits up. Thank you!

This week's work started prior to the public announcement on our purchase of #84, with the removal of air and oil filters to acquire replacements, and take an inventory of additional parts that will be needed immediately. The process of draining the ancient oil and diesel fuel from the locomotive has started as well, with new fluids to be ordered next week.

We hope to pull #84 out of the shed in the next few weeks to blow the decade's worth of grain dust off the exterior and completely clean the engine compartment. Once that is complete, we'll begin the process of testing for any leaks in the fuel, oil, and water systems.

While taking a break, we washed off a small portion of #84's long hood to see how the paint applied in 1975 looks under its current coat of dust, and it looks fantastic! It could almost double as a mirror. (see below)

In addition to the t-shirts we have on the main Restore 84 page, we have also opened a small store for miscellaneous small items. Those can be found at: , under the "Restore 84 Project" tab in "All Collections." Be sure to click "Shop all products" under either design to see the full catalog of that design.

Once again, thank you all for the tremendous support this project has gained over the last two days. We can't wait to bring you more updates as we progress closer to restoring #84.

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